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Shiro Limited is a jewelry manufacturer and OEM exporter of all varieties of jewelry made in sterling silver, gold, and high-end base metals. A Thai company with offices in the US enables us to address any need quickly in one of our major markets.  Our main product is 925 silver jewelry--plain or set with precious and semi-precious stones--bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, as well as gold jewelry. We are pleased to accept projects in base metal, we value these projects the same as our primary sterling silver production.

As an OEM jewelry manufacturer, we employ experienced and skilled workers who use advanced machinery from the development stage to mass production. We will make your products if you either supply us rough drawing, CAD, sample, or a photograph. We will transform it to your specific needs and instruction.

For over 15 years we have done our manufacturing process entirely in-house, which allows us to control the quality of the products that we make. It gives you, the customer, greater flexibility and assurance that your design is safe and secure. Our manufacturing processes which includes model making, casting, stamping, polishing, setting, and plating—All done under one roof.


We value all projects--both small and large. Shiro Limited is very committed to ensuring the highest quality and attention for every one of our customers. If you have a small run or low volume collection -  we will gladly help you get them to the market for the best quality and price. We pride ourselves in collaborating and servicing the designers community and helping them bring their vision to life. Contact us with any question you have, we are here to help..

Shiro Limited

+1 212 780 0007


Enso Manufacturing

+66 9 81417250

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